Eastwood Park Master Plan and Cost Estimate

In 1916, the City of Houston acquired a 10.8-acre site on Harrisburg Boulevard to establish Eastwood Park. The park underwent extensive renovation in the 1970s, including repairs and additions to the community center, construction of a swimming pool, renovation of the existing ball field, construction of a second tennis court, and enhancements to play equipment and other park amenities. In 1995, new play equipment was added and, in 1998, community organizations assisted in installation of a new patio and landscaping, as well as a new walkway. Later, a Boundless Playground was installed through efforts by the City of Houston and its community partners. The park also includes covered basketball courts, a paved courtyard and a skate park.

In 2023 a new Master Plan for Eastwood Park was developed to better utilize, update and organize the park and its amenities.

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